Planting Seeds - a writing workshop for spring (Batheaston)

A garden is somewhere we not only grow things in the material world, but also a place we can create in our subconscious – somewhere we want to spend time to grow and expand our ideas. The day is a mixture of creative visualisations, writing exercises and practical tasks to awaken your creativity for the coming year.

Thurs 1 Feb, 2018, 10.30am -3.30pm

£40 for the day + £5 (pay separately) for lovely lunch cooked by Mel

Falling Leaves - a Creative Writing Workshop for Autumn (Batheaston)

Autumn is a time to consider what we have achieved and what we have lost during the year, all adding to our creative experience. It’s also a time to celebrate our ancestors. Creative visualisation: A journey to see our ancestors standing behind us, encouraging us to move on and go forward –  perhaps to break old patterns and start again – to use all our experience in a positive way.